Living Forever 


I must admit, originally it was not my intention to write a book. It started out with just personal notes to keep track of pertinent information. It's when I organized my notes that I realized that a lot of people would find this information useful. In addition to that, I witnessed irrefutable evidence that proved God is indeed real and not just a hopeful desire or need. I have been transformed from believing (having faith) that God is real to knowing (seeing real evidence) that God is real. What evidence, you say? A bonafide unexplainable science-defying miracle, of course! Yea, they still do happen. Most of them are the quiet type, having only a few or handful of witnesses. That's when my notes turned into a book. What I learned was that many things that major monotheist religions teach is true in nature. However, I also learned that there are many things taught that is not true.

I decided to publish this book because now I know that salvation is real and not wishful thinking, and is a lot simpler to obtain than what is presented to the masses. Obtaining salvation is not burdensome. Salvation is a simple and straightforward process. It’s relatively easy once you know what is expected of you. Religious authorities have made it more complicated than it needs to be.

I, also, took the opportunity to debunk what I think are misleading religious teachings and doctrines. The problem is how scriptures are interpreted. Sometimes, I can read a passage from the scriptures and get an entirely different meaning than another person who reads the same passage. Who is to say which one of us interrupted the scriptures correctly? This when you should as the saying goes, "let go and let God." Sometimes, for a proper interpretation, you have to let God through the Holy Spirit inform you what the true meaning is.

In order to navigate through your religious beliefs correctly, you have to know the rules and which rule supersedes which. I have a few rules I live by when worshiping and praising God that I will share with you.

Rule # 1:

There is only one God. There is no one where God is, except God. This rule supersedes all other rules. Any religion that teaches there is only one God and one day all will see this God belong to God.

Rule # 2:

No religion has a monopoly on God.

Rule # 3:

The Most High does not hate any person, mortal or immortal. God hates deeds, not persons.

Rule # 4:

The most important thing to the Most High is truth.

Rule # 5:

The most important thing to the son of man is love of the Father.

This is not necessarily a rule but something to keep in mind. Naturally, we always underestimate God. We constantly try to define the attributes of God in human terms. God is bigger than our imaginations can carry us. We also underestimate the Redeemer who God has sent. We constantly rely on him being a deity and overlook the humanity in Him. The humanity in Him will be the source of His judgment on us.


The author is a home improvement specialist who believes in science and a higher power we call god, equally, and has spent 40 plus years studying our religious ideologies and concepts with intense Bible readings, one on one sessions with religious volunteers and seminars conducted by mainstream Christian religious institutions. Ever since being introduced to Darwin’s evolution theory, in college, Donald Thomas has been on a life-time quest seeking which is true, life by evolution or life created by a higher power. The author believes the truth will surprise many.