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September 6, 2023  Book Review 

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Thomas presents a Christian-based discussion of the “hows” and “whys” of life in this spiritual work.

The author, a home-improvement specialist, tackles some of humanity’s most enduring questions in this slim but wide-ranging guide: Why do we exist? What is life’s meaning? While Thomas repeatedly assures readers that he believes in both religion and science, audiences will find that the vast majority of the book tackles the subject matter from a specifically Christian perspective. The topics discussed—including the roles of truth, love, and law in redemption; a deep dive into the Ten Commandments; and an analysis of who God really is—should all sound familiar to practicing Christians and offer these readers further insight into already established beliefs. The guidance offered is no-nonsense and non-negotiable, proclaiming truth to be of paramount importance and asserting that God’s word is always true. It’s the attempt at scientific analysis—evincing a questionable understanding of how statistics work—that puts the book on shaky ground... Some questions meant to sway the audience toward religious conclusions... The use of sources such as Wikipedia and also prompts readers to take some of these findings with a grain of salt. Thomas does embrace the spirit of inclusivity...

A well-meaning but flawed analysis of some of life’s biggest questions.


Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (7/31/2023)

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A Profound Book that Explores God’s Word Vs Man’s Myths

“A Fresh Look at Living Forever” by Donald L. Thomas explores fundamental queries that have continually troubled human beings regarding their heritage and existence. Topics such as whether humans came to be by probability or by divine agenda, whether we were created or evolved, whether we have a purpose, and whether we need religion today, among other eyebrow-raising concerns.

The read takes a deep look at some of life’s universal concepts, through which author Thomas hopes a clearer perspective of God’s divine plan will offer solid grounds on which the above-mentioned concerns can be interpreted. These universal notions begin with a display of God, his description, abilities, and attributes, through which a valuable exposition of what makes Him the greatest and mightiest of all powers and spirits is offered. Thomas has also shared thought-provoking particulars regarding the subject of life and death, from which readers are reminded that no one has the right to life, a validation that life can only be a gift from the Creator.

Readers will notice early that the author has over time developed a strong sense of confidence in God as confirmed in his deconstruction of popular religious and mythical ideas. Faith has been highlighted as the secret to pleasing God- religion notwithstanding, and the treatment of fellow humans has been revealed to directly show how one would treat the Creator. These are thought-provoking deductions that are universally accepted, and which are indisputably potent to one’s relationship with God.

As readers will notice, the author’s tone is amazingly relaxed throughout the chapters, and he does not coerce his audience into adopting his sentiments. He has ably mentioned key figures like Jesus and Mohammed to illustrate his points, without degrading any kind of religion or dismissing other beliefs. This makes it a text that both Christians and non-Christians will feel comfortable reading and considering as a solid guide, that brings one to the absolute understanding of God the Creator, in-depth.

“A Fresh Look at Living Forever” by Donald L. Thomas is indubitably a good book that will speak to you and challenge your spirituality. It is a convenient read that will come in handy even for the most devout Christians who may have moments in which they question their faith.



Posted February 7, 2023

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Interesting and thought provoking read

A Fresh Look At Living Forever by Donald L. Thomas is a book he put together after decades of restless research, first and foremost, to give himself answers to some of the world’s most asked and never answered questions.

Thomas was a college student when he was faced with Darwin’s theory of evolution; this led him to his decades-long quest to answer the biggest question out there: Are we here by chance or by plan? In other terms, are we here thanks to billions of years of evolution, or were we created by a creator? Thomas mentions that the probability of life existing merely by chance is 1.  A planet with water, just the right amount away from the sun, with oxygen, and simple organisms that have evolved into what they are today. How does nature know that we need a nose to breathe or eyes to see? How does nature know that feet are for walking and fins are for swimming? These are just a few of the questions Thomas asks.

A huge focus in this book is indeed God or a Creator, whatever that might be for the reader. Thomas does not hide that he was raised in a religious family, which impacted him and his beliefs. He also mentions that we believe in the existence of God primarily because we believe our existence has a purpose and that he has found that many people will believe in their religion no matter what.

What I really appreciate about this book as a reader is that even though the author clearly has a viewpoint that he firmly believes in, he does not in any way say anything that would dismiss other people’s beliefs. Rather it is about if we are here thanks to evolution or a creator. Furthermore, he mentions different religions and historical figures such as Jesus, Moses, and Mohamed, official religious texts, and more to support his theory.

In addition to that, even though the book tackles subjects that are extremely abstract and muddled in day-to-day life, the tone in which it is written is remarkably friendly and luring. As a result, you will find yourself reading and feeling like you are having an intense and meaningful chat with a friend.

The great thing about A Fresh Look At Living Forever is that it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the author’s beliefs. They are presented in a manner that is non-confrontational and will leave the reader with much to think about. It is really interesting to read about all of these topics and see these questions answered and backed up by science and history. I recommend this book to any curious soul out there who has a few hours to spare for a genuinely good book. 


Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite, 11/01/2022


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Ever since humans discovered fire, we have been haunted by existential questions such as how did we end up on this planet? What is the purpose of our existence? Is there a meaning to life? Prepare yourselves for a deep dive in search of the answers to some of these fundamental questions that shape the course of our lives with A Fresh Look At Living Forever by Donald L Thomas. In this book, the author touches upon the difference between the concepts of evolution and intelligent design, providing an in-depth analysis of God's divine plan for eternal life. He also explores the possibility of life after death, the nature of truth and love, the good and bad sides of self-rule and self-love, and the difference between being a believer and looking like one.

Donald L. Thomas, a professional home improvement specialist, spent over forty years studying various religious ideologies in search of the ultimate truth. His search has led him to some convincing conclusions that he proposes in this book. Thomas provides well-reasoned arguments and thoroughly researched facts that solidify his beliefs. He makes compelling statements that will give readers a lot to think about long after finishing the book. A Fresh Look At Living Forever is an enlightening read that makes a strong case for a universe with a creator, Most High. Although there are many Biblical references in the narrative, this book is perfectly suitable for Christians and non-Christians alike and provides a thought-provoking read.


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[Following is an official review of "A Fresh Look At Living Forever" by Donald L Thomas.]

4 out of 4 stars Review

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A Fresh Look At Living Forever by Donald L Thomas is a book that delves deeply into a sensitive topic in human life: religion. It has become so because several sects have sprung up, each with varying views, championing their respective doctrines. The writer is, however, not of a particular religious group, as the ideas discussed in the book are general ideas that some of these sects have ignored.

The book is corrective. It attempts to persuade the reader to see its view on the issues it emphasizes. These issues, for anyone interested in Christianity, are of vital importance. I say this because several questions that a reader of this book may have, though not all, will be answered. It is a reliable book for people who are new to Christianity and want to grow in faith. It compares the theory of evolution with the creation story and convinces me( I don't know about you!) that the creation story is a lot more credible. It delves into the personality of God, telling us who and-I was a little surprised here-what God is to us, humans.

It opens our minds to see the flaws in various misconceptions that most of us who grew up in Christian homes have been used to and accepted as fact. It is vibrant when referencing the Bible, supplying readers with backup scriptures to emphasize and elucidate his points, almost to the point where it cannot be argued to be any other thing (my opinion, of course). The writer's clear understanding of the scriptures and his doggedness in presenting his views deserve some commendation. Not every writer can give their opinions as wholeheartedly as he has.

I noticed the writer's openness in sharing with the reader how he was once mistaken and a little doubtful about the things he discussed in the book. This had the particular effect of drawing the reader into his perspective and making one see more clearly the point he tries to make. The reader is not put off, nor is he subjected to, regarding the writer as an epitome of perfection that probably fell from the sky, whose opinions he(the reader) is now trying to teach to himself.

The more I think about the book, the more I'm convinced that every religious stakeholder should have a copy because it contains tips that can lead one to the right path, depending on how open the person is to a paradigm shift. Not just religious stakeholders but, like I mentioned earlier, people who desire growth and a good level of understanding in their Christian lives. I would rate this book four out of four because most of its ideas conform to the scriptures. The editing was spotless. I couldn't find anything to make me detest the book.